I'm thrilled to be featured as one of the Motivational Speakers in 'Conference News'... Here's the article I wrote:



Hi there! My name is Shed (it’s short for Sheridan - my parents are eccentric) - fabulous to be with you. I've been a professional speaker on innovation and creativity for many years now, and my clear aim for writing this is: to bring you ideas and inspiration that hopefully be able to use for your events.

I'm hugely excited to be writing for Conference News. As a motivational speaker, I’m fortunate enough to attend many incredible conferences around the world and I’ve noticed that in the Event Industry (just like in life, in fact) there's a constant factor that differentiates exciting success from plodding mediocrity - and that's DETAILS. The clever, witty touches you plan powerfully bond you to customers, clients, audience members and attendees - in fact, all humans appreciate the little details that show you’ve thought deeply about making their experience utterly superb, memorable or useful.

So, here’s my round up of the exciting event touches that caught my (highly discerning) eye this month...


I recently presented a speech to a group of telecommunications high-flyers at the BAFTA headquarters in Central London (marrrrvellous dahling!) – and it was a real thrill to deliver a talk somewhere so steeped in movie history. One of the neat gifts the organisers of the event gave to the attendees was a pack of mini chocolate BAFTA masks. A memorable, original and delicious giveaway for the audience to further remember the event by. Sweet, Dude!


It’s not only George Michael who has exciting times in toilets. Whilst presenting at Lords, I encountered something that emotionally linked me to the venue (and the people who run it) in a way I hadn’t encountered before. Whilst on my way out from the Gents loos (!), I was presented with two doors, one with a sign saying ‘OUT’ and the other proclaiming ‘NOT OUT’! This wonderfully simple and witty cricket joke instantly made me feel emotionally connected to a place that before I may have considered rather traditional – and left me with an extra warm glow about the event and venue, even weeks later.


How’s this for a ‘risky’ venue; a leading mobile company held their partner event at the London Hippodrome Casino, an unusual, exciting and quirky place that didn’t feel ‘corporate’ at all, thus the organisers instantly created an environment where the delegates felt ‘out of work’, receptive and stimulated. It also allowed me to outline how important ‘risk’ is to business and innovation (jackpot bonus - ding ding ding!). I outlined how it’s vital to test a new product, service or system on a very small scale first, so there’s no chance of catastrophically endangering the company, then if it works, you can scale it up and cash in on some big wins…


Of course, during my speech to the VIPs who attended the symposium, I then had to showcase my very own version of Google Glass, which is considerably cheaper than the original, and also much easier to use. I expect a writ from Google any day now…

Do you have an example of a detail you think added a huge amount to an event? Email Shed a short description and a photo to corporate@shedsimove.com and Shed may feature yours in a forthcoming column.

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