I was thrilled to present to over six hundred professional businesspeople at the prestigious Shropshire Business Awards. The ‘Shropshire Star’ covered the event and the transcript of the article is below. You can also view a video roundup of the awards too (I'm featured at 1:40) and read some tweets from audience members below as well...

The report reads thus:


WELL – he wasn’t quite Caprice. But stand-in speaker Shed Simove certainly caused a stir as he stepped in for the supermodel-turned lingerie entrepreneur as the guest speaker at the Shropshire Business Awards. The motivational speaker’s unpredictable
address included a demonstration of some of his off-the-wall products, including a Whoopi cushion – with the face of Whoopie Goldberg – and his multinational bestselling book What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex, which contains 200 blank pages.


And he used his speaking slot to advise business owners to break rules and adapt other people’s ideas to your own products. Caprice’s absence from the award’s failed to detract from the positive feeling among the 640 guests present at the International Centre in Telford on Friday night.

The 14th annual awards ceremony saw local businesses wanting to celebrate, as a jubilant mood and a troupe of Brazilian dancers reflected a far stronger economic outlook than at last year’s event.

Richard Sheehan, chief executive of Shropshire Chamber of Commerce which organises the awards, said: “For this year we had set about trying to create a carnival atmosphere, a celebration of business, to embrace the Brazilian theme of the World Cup, and we clearly did that.

“It was noticeable early on how much joviality, laughter and fun was going on as part of the celebrations, and it was great to feel the atmosphere and positivity.” He added: “We will be looking to establish the guest speaker for the event very
early on, and Caprice is in the frame. We will be making an approach to see if she is
available for next year.


Shed's blog:

I'm thrilled to be named as one of Britain’s Top Entrepreneurs. See below and here:

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Desigan Chinniah, eBay UK

"Less talk and more action’ is the name of Shed’s game, as he goes through countless number of practical tips on idea generation, and how to execute them as well. There are thousands of ideas practically staring you in the face, all you need is a bit of ‘Shed inspiration’ to be the catalyst and kick it all off!"

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