Shed's TED Talk at TedX Guernsey

It was such a thrill to give a TED Talk at TEDx StPeterPort in Guernsey. Here’s the video:

Shed at the ISES UK event

Exciting ITV Coverage of the Business Bootcamp

Shed was thrilled to be invited to speak at the Big Ideas Wales Business Bootcamp and ITV covered the event.

To view the ITV report, click here:

15 Minutes Of Sheds Talk At The Lost Lectures

Video Testimonials And Shed At AFC Bournemouth

Shed Interviewed About His Motivational Speech On Creativity

Shed outlines what his covers in his Motivational Speech about creativity techniques, brainstorming and innovation....

15 Minute Taster Of Shed's Presentation

Watch Shed at the Copenhagen TV Festival...


Shed's appearance on the BBC's Newsnight is here...



Shed's blog:

I'm thrilled to be named as one of Britain’s Top Entrepreneurs. See below and here:

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shed simove elmwood

Elmwood Elliot Wilson, MD, Elmwood

"Shed. I’ve never met a character like him. He pitched up in a shiny satin suit and made us squirm, blush and whaddyaknow, think! His can-do attitude and tenacity is an example to us all, even if our own work is quite far removed from Designer Beavers and Pubix Cubes. He’s also incredibly enthusiastic, getting involved with every stage of the event from planning it to judging the competition. We weren’t quite sure what our clients would make of it all but they were thoroughly entertained and, like Shed’s products, the evening has certainly proved to be a talking point."

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