If you’re looking for an inspirational speaker who can motivate, excite and make your audience think differently, then those are my areas of expertise. I’m an expert in the area of creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and business. A frequent response (which I always love hearing!) is that my presentations are ‘inspiring’. Please take a look at the spontaneous tweets posted on Twitter about my motivational speeches - they're further down the page on the TESTIMONIALS part of this site.

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Shed's blog:

I'm thrilled to be named as one of Britain’s Top Entrepreneurs. See below and here:

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Paul Alexander, CEO, Beyond Analysis

"Over and above my own expectations and desires from Shed’s presentation, the feedback from the business has been a huge amount of respect for Shed having the passion and tenacity to see an idea through to its natural completion rather than most who would have dropped it by the wayside.
If you’re a business which wants to continue the same well worn path, Shed is not for you. If you want to reinvent yourself or change the way you and your people think, he is an absolute must."

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