Motivational speakers are sometimes viewed as people like the character of David Brent (played by Ricky Gervais) from the sitcom ‘The Office’, who cringeingly told an audience he was giving a motivational speech to that they should simply be ‘the best’. Having been a professional speaker for years now, my fierce aim is to deliver a wholly useful, energising and informative motivational speech that will actually deliver concrete results for your company or organisation and inspire the audience to think differently - and thus act differently too. The changes in behaviour that my presentations deliver then lead directly to more success, more happiness and more profit. Thus, I’m now invited by companies around the world in my capacity as a professional motivational speaker on business, creative thinking and innovation. If you want an utterly professional inspirational speaker who is highly experienced at giving memorable and powerful presentations, then please get in touch.

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I'm thrilled to be named as one of Britain’s Top Entrepreneurs. See below and here:

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Paul Matthews, Press Officer, Unilever UK & Ireland

"I invited Shed to come and visit the Unilever UK & Ireland communications team to share with us some of the thought processes and "tricks of the trade" he uses to come up with great ideas. The session he delivered was dazzlingly good - full of energy, insights, inspiration and positivity. If you want to take an alternative, off-the-wall look at how you can inject some creativity into your team or business, then Shed's your man."

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