If you want to find a speaker, whether it be a motivational speaker, keynote speaker, humorous after-dinner speaker or conference corporate speaker, then Shed Simove, based in London, England, UK and also Los Angeles, USA, is available to speak anywhere in the world, specialising in creativity and innovation.


"I invited Shed to come and visit the Unilever UK & Ireland communications team to share with us some of the thought processes and "tricks of the trade" he uses to come up with great ideas.  The session he delivered was dazzlingly good - full of energy, insights, inspiration and positivity. If you want to take an alternative, off-the-wall look at how you can inject some creativity into your team or business, then Shed's your man."

sex shop sex shop sex shop sex shop sex shop sex shop sex shop                       Paul Matthews, Press Officer, Unilever UK & Ireland

"‘Less talk and more action’ is the name of Shed’s game, as he goes through countless number of practical tips on idea generation, and how to execute them as well. There are thousands of ideas practically staring you in the face, all you need is a bit of ‘Shed inspiration’ to be the catalyst and kick it all off!"

Desigan Chinniah, eBay UK

"I invited Shed to speak and was overwhelmed on a number of levels: firstly Shed checked each item and slide with me beforehand; the attention he gave to ensuring his presentation aligned to Tesco key messages was very impressive; the genuine interest he showed to the audience was completely endearing; and the way he engaged with the audience after the formal presentation was a talking point for days/weeks afterwards. I host these events on a regular basis and Shed has certainly raised the bar for all future guest speakers. What a great guy!"

                      Colette Wall, Development Manager, Tesco


Shed performs memorable and entertaining talks that outline his concrete techniques for how to easily and quickly come up with great ideas that will increase sales or gain success in any area. Paired with a brainstorming workshop straight afterwards, these techniques generate concepts that directly benefit any company and it’s bottom line.

Shed’s techniques for creativity are showcased and proven through the products he's made and the amazing adventures surrounding them. He uses his own entrepreneurial journeys to show the audience how to be more innovative, giving them the tools to create new ideas for the business that will directly increase profitability. Plus, he shares his secrets for success and outlines the steps for ideas implementation within any organisation.


After Shed’s energising and instructive keynote speech, his innovation techniques can then be used in an ideas workshop immediately afterwards. This involves the audience brainstorming with these techniques to tackle specific needs that the company has, generating ideas for new products, services and solutions that will directly increase profitability. As Shed’s talks are entertaining as well as informative, they're also perfect for lighter occasions.


Shed’s inspirational and hugely informative performances showcase his amazing career path, using props and visuals that add to the engaging and exciting stories he tells. Shed has performed his visual and inspirational corporate speech successfully to both entrepreneurs and non-business people alike.

All of Shed's performances are carefully tailored to suit the corporate environment, delivering a truly compelling, uniquely memorable, fascinating presentation that delivers direct benefit to your team or company.


To book Shed as a Motivational Speaker for a Keynote Speech that delivers a highly original, entertaining and inspiring take on creativity, success and entrepreneurship, please get in touch at: bookings@thetalentshed.com

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Andy Wiggins, Group Innovation Director, B&Q

"Our commercial team spent a highly amusing and thought provoking evening listening to some of Shed’s real life journeys from mad idea to commercial product. This has caused a real buzz in the team and got our buyers thinking ‘there’s another way of doing this"

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